John is North America's top snow industry consultant, an innovator of snow management strategies, the industry's leading snow management expert, and an expert witness for slip and fall lawsuits, among other titles.  

John's book, Managing Snow and Ice, 1st and 2nd Editions - is considered the bible for snowplowing contractors in North America who desire to grow and better operate their snow contracting business. A CD of forms is also available to the industry. John Allin patented a commercial snow melting machine (the Snow Dragon), and shares another patent for specialized deicing equipment. 

He is the founder of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). Recently, he was instrumental in the formation of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA). He worked on the committee which wrote and published the first ever set of written standards for the snow and ice management industry.

He is also the founder and Board Chairman of the Snowfighters Institute located in Erie, Pa. Additionally, the Blog-Talk Radio show "Managing Snow and Ice with John Allin" began in January 2013. This weekly broadcast showcases newsmakers, innovators, and others involved in the snow and ice management industry for a listening audience numbering in the thousands.

In February 2013,John became involved with CrewTracker Software, overseeing day-to-day operations. This software allows snow contractors to keep abreast of what their field crews accomplish during any given snow or ice event. Invoicing times are expedited, so that what used to take weeks can be done in minutes.

​​Globally recognized as the foremost snow and ice industry consultant, John Allin has spent over 35 years developing and testing snow management strategies in one of the most intense, lake-effect, snow-belt regions in the world: the south shores of one of North America's Great Lakes, Lake Erie. As the cold Arctic and Canadian air whips across the lake, a snowmaking machine kicks in, stretching from the shores of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and into New York, dumping 150-300" of snow each season.  John saw this area as the perfect proving ground to bring snow and ice management into the modern age. With only one truck, and one plow, he began his entrepreneurship with Allin companies. After 20 years, he began Snow Management Group, which, in 2002, won the plowing contract for the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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A year after leaving Gannon University, John Allin looked to create his own business in Erie, Pa. He quickly became the President and CEO of the Allin Companies, a landscape and snow contractor that served commercial and residential clients by providing professional landscape design, construction and maintenance services, snow and ice management, and holiday lighting. With only 55 employees, it was the largest landscape and snow contractor in Northwest Pennsylvania, raking in two million dollars in annual revenues.

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