​Peggy Allin has assumed oversight of the Pre-Audit Gap Assessment service for those contractors who seek to become certified by ISO in the area of snow and ice management. As an ISO Lead Auditor, Peggy brings with her the necessary experience in ISO Standards as well as the snow and ice management industry.

John has been qualified as an expert witness on snowplowing in numerous states around the country, and regularly assists legal representatives in actions involving winter accidents including ‘slip and fall’ incidents on commercial sites.  He has worked with over 50 attorneys over the past 20 years.

Globally recognized as the foremost snow and ice industry consultant, John Allin has spent over 30 years developing and testing snow removal strategies from one of the most intense, lake-effect, snow-belt regions in the world: the south shores of one of North America's Great Lakes, Lake Erie.  John has created a name for himself in the snow industry - he is North America's top snow contracting consultant.

A popular and internationally recognized speaker and seminar leader, Allin has spoken about the snow and ice industry at industry trade shows all over the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.  John understands the needs of the industry and founded Snowfighters Institute to fill the gaping hole that existed in dedicated training for the industry.

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