Tracking your Crew

November 13, 2018


Now – it’s no longer necessary to have a dispatch person physically sitting and taking information over the phone from your employees and subcontractors.  The system will now “talk” to the caller (in English or Spanish) and gather the information about what they have completed, accomplished and done during the snow event.  How cool is that??  Interactive voice recognition is a tool used by only the most advanced technology in the world – and Crew Tracker has it configured into their system.  If you have to hire someone (even part-time) to gather up that information for you, enter it into an accounting package, figure up the hours spent in the field, create an invoice for your customer, and then check to insure your employees/subcontractors are turning in the same hours they report – THAT’s a lot of work.  So – you pay (minimum) $25,000 per year for that person (not to mention having to cover for them when they call in sick, or just are too tired to continue working a long storm).  If you could eliminate that person and pay half the amount (one time, not year after year) to get started with Crew Tracker – it just makes considerable economic sense.  Then, for a small yearly maintenance fee, Crew Tracker makes sure everything is up to snuff and working just like it should.  Man….what up-and-coming snow contractor wouldn’t at least take a look at such a technology.


AND – to boot, Crew Tracker can “talk” to Quick Books !!!!  So, Crew Tracker can do your billing for you.  It can work with Quick Books to email out your invoice to your customer (no postage, no paper).  It can generate an invoice from your subcontractor and automatically integrate it into your accounting software.  All without any paper.  All you need to do is double check for any human mistakes made in reporting. 

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